Whether you’re the new owner of an existing practice that’s in need of a new image – or you’re an expert physician looking to update their promotional material with a bespoke and modern logo – we do more than just provide aesthetically pleasing results. My Healthcare Marketing can help guide your brand development with a deep understanding of your practice. Our aim is to showcase you – along with your authenticity and vision as a physician specialist.

Good Branding Means Understanding You & Your Patients

Your brand is the essence of your practice; both in-person and online. A good brand acts like the director of first impressions with the intent of connecting with the emotions of your patients. Whether we’re developing a logo or building an online presence for your healthcare business, we’re always thinking of how a prospective patient will perceive your brand.

As a part of our development methodology, our thoughts always fall on growth; whether that is growth in your practice or growing your audience and reputation on the web. When planning for the growth of your practice our goal is to create a timeless and distinguished brand which you can incorporate into every aspect of the business of wear with pride. When developing logos specifically, our designs are tailored for reproduction on physical, promotional, and office materials. We can provide assistance in the production of branded materials such as prescription pads, scrubs, brochures, and even signage.

We provide consultation in which we can communicate about your current branding and look for ways in which to improve or start from scratch in building a new image that matches your vision.

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