As a medical practice, connecting with your patients is key. Many and likely new patients search on Google, on their mobile devices. If you aren’t visible at the right time your competitor may just get the call.

Healthcare SEO (search engine optimization) is key to getting visible. Our engineers are inventors of a proprietary process branded SEO2Sales. This is our signature proprietary process that connects the dots between branding, messaging, search engine optimization, and sales. In this context, sales is a new patient calling in or emailing in through your website asking for your services as a medical or healthcare provider.

Get to know our Essential 5 Steps to SEO2Sales:

Not Just Any Patient

Your healthcare or medical facility deserves to have the right types of patients to help you be profitable. This is an essential process to assist in sustainable growth.

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Local SEO or Google Maps

Don’t get left behind on Google Maps a very powerful tool to get new patients. If you are not top 3 on the map – you have a problem. Learn more HERE or call us to get things fixed.


SEO2Sales was founded by Iffel International Inc. an award-winning marketing agency. My Healthcare Marketing is a focused division within Iffel International, focused on providing SEO2Sales services for medical and healthcare facilities.

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