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Medical Website Development

A website should be a reflection of your sales and marketing plan. If you don’t have one, stringing along a few pages isn’t going to provide that connection with your potential patient. Choosing the right platform for your website is equally important as well. Don’t fall for the cheap easy plug and play templates out there: easy also means a lot of pain in other areas.

Healthcare SEO

Your medical practice needs a focused game plan. Simply ranking on Google is useless without a comprehensive plan.

SEO has to connect with patient type, patient growth, and strategic messaging. SEO is a true engineering component of digital marketing and there is a lot to it – think of it like baking a cake; it won’t rise without the right ingredients. The question is do you have the right ingredients for your SEO campaign?

Getting the right patients!

If you are accepting Medi-CAL patients you DON’T need digital marketing. If you are a PPO, Medicare, and Cash facility, you need SEO2Sales. Creating the right marketing program with these patient types is a key ingredient in setting yourself apart from your competition. If you are getting time-wasters who cannot afford your services, perhaps it is time for you to tweak your online engagement.

Online reviews are mandatory

If you aren’t focused on online reviews, you better switch gears and step it up. We pride ourselves on ranking healthcare facilities on Google My Business a.k.a. Google Maps. It is important to have a mechanism where your reviews are visible on Google Maps, Facebook and your website.

Social media marketing

No-question healthcare marketing is all about social media marketing. So many don’t do it right, sound like noisemakers, and don’t hit the emotions of the prospective patient. If it is a B2B (Business to Business) strategy where referrals from doctors are key, crafting the right messaging is key. If it is a B2C (Business to Consumer) strategy you must ensure the messaging, graphics, and hashtags are all aligned.

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