So DOC! You think you can string some pages on Squarespace or Wix and it should get you more patients and your dream sales machine? Keep dreaming!! It does not work that way. It is a bit like saying you wanna race on in the Formula One with a moped!

ADA Website Design and Development

Your website is your digital sales and marketing ambassador and if done right can reside on every smartphone out there. When a patient has every intention to connect with you, you pop up. If you aren’t visible, you are hiding, no chance for a call. Your competitor is now the winner.

Every doctor, hospital or private medical practice deserves the best in a brand and website design. A website is not a string of pages that you dream up, it is a thoughtful reflection of your strategic sales and marketing plan. Done right, it accomplishes the following:

  1. You can use your website as your digital VP of Sales and Marketing.
  2. You become visible on Google and Social Media.
  3. You hook prospective patients directly on your website.

Our process includes:

  1. Understanding your profit centers
  2. Custom design with options
  3. Custom website development
  4. ADA compliance (should this be requested)
  5. Full testing
  6. Mobile compliance, responsive technology
  7. Website hosting on HIPAA servers (should this be requested)

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