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As your marketing team, we aim to grow your healthcare or medical facility. With growth, you will need other professionals to assist in fine-tuning systems, procedures, security, team building, and overall leadership. It isn’t easy to find the right providers who are experienced in the healthcare sector. We have carefully crafted a list of outstanding partners we work with, so you can enjoy our trusted partnerships.

IRISE Executive Coaching

As you grow your healthcare or medical facility, be it an owner, executive, or employee, we all know how tough it is to rise and grow in our careers.

Aashi Arora, founder of iRISE Executive Coaching focusses solely on healthcare professionals and administrators, helping them grow using strengths-based assessments and coaching tools. Gain the confidence to lead and grow effectively.

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The Champ Group

Customer service is critical for your healthcare or medical practice. The Champ Group offers training for teams who interact with patients be it existing or new prospects coming in. This is especially important as we increase the number of inbound leads.

Learn more also about how the DISC assessment can assist in communication styles when handling both internal and external customer service issues.

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Bridge Safety Consultants

For organizations in healthcare wanting supervisor and employee training, Bridge Safety Consultants provides effective training on:

  • Sexual harassment prevention for managers
  • Sexual harassment prevention for employees
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) with a specific focus on video pairing training in breaking through unconscious bias

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Swift Chip

Swift Chip takes the “SH” out of IT with an emphasis on Cyber Security and compliance. Our HIPAA compliance solution includes policies & procedures, BAA’s, patient consent forms, HIPAA compliance coaching, and everything else you might need to satisfy your HHS audits.

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Iffel International

We strive to bridge exchanges between a buyer and seller through innovation in emotional and artificial intelligence. Iffel International is a marketing-sales-technology company with an international team that brings you solutions that are practical, but more importantly effective when it comes to growing your sales and profit.

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Squash & Stretch Productions

When companies need to explain complex concepts, generate more revenue, or strengthen their brand presence online, Karl and his team help them by creating high quality, custom animated content. The key to explaining complex concepts is not to throw information at your audience, but rather tell a story that provides context and structure. Save yourself time spent repeating the same explanations by creating custom animations that make learning enjoyable.

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