by Hema Dey 11 Mar 2021

Women entrepreneurs are essential to healthcare. Entrepreneurs create new business and jobs, drive innovation, influence change on many levels, and positively impact industry. As patients, caregivers, and healthcare consumers, women are leading decision-makers. Women-led healthcare companies continue to grow year after year. This Women’s History Month, My Healthcare Marketing would like to highlight the growth and scale of women as healthcare entrepreneurs. Our online marketing and SEO2Sales strategies are useful tools to continue your company’s growth and increased scalability.

Online Marketing

Online marketing is the key to helping your business grow and scale, but many business owners and executives are simply unaware of where to turn once they hit a business plateau or don’t have enough time/manpower to use the internet to their advantage. My Healthcare Marketing utilizes a groundbreaking SEO2Sales strategy to align ourselves with your healthcare business in order to help it flourish. Digital marketing strategies can help you connect with new and existing customers, generate even more leads and sell your products or services more efficiently.

Highlights: Two Entrepreneurial Women in Medicine

Dr. Amin and Dr. Eggleston are two women in healthcare who have utilized online marketing and SEO2Sales strategies to build successful businesses committed to healing. My Healthcare Marketing is proud to work with these two trailblazing women, along with others, as their businesses continue to grow.

Dr. Arti Amin is a board-certified podiatrist at Corona Foot & Ankle. She specializes in the conservative and surgical management of the foot and ankle, including wound management. Dr. Amin’s focus is on getting to the root problem and preventing recurrence. The conditions Dr. Amin most often treats include: diabetic feet; arthritis; bunions; hammertoes; corns and callouses; skin and nail conditions; sports injuries; fractures; children’s feet problems; female foot problems. She has been in practice for more than two decades and now works in the Corona area where her full-service podiatric office is bilingual so as to best serve the community.

Dr. Eggleston is a Naturopath and holistic health practitioner, as well as a #1 best-selling author, at the Natural Healing Center. The Natural Healing Center’s mission is to make natural healing more accessible because the founders know first-hand how natural healing can literally save lives. Though the Natural Healing Center serves everyone, the vast majority of their clients are women who are experiencing chronic pain and fatigue. Women healing women – what a wonderful thing to celebrate this National Women’s History Month.

Be a Part of History

Now, more than ever before in our history, women are founding and leading efforts in the healthcare and life sciences industries. Women make 80% of the healthcare buying decisions in the United States and make up 65% of the healthcare workforce. My Healthcare Marketing is here to support female entrepreneurs in the healthcare sector and beyond. Whether you are a small business offering local goods and services, you are looking for a way to reach consumers on a limited budget, or you have a well-established business and are looking to reach new clients, we can help you meet your business objectives. Contact us here now to book your complimentary consultation.

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