What Patient Is The Right Patient?

You might say any patient is important. Well, if you have an open check book perhaps this is possible but if you don’t getting really laser focused on your patient type, your focused strategy is vital. A scatter gun approach will only deter your ultimate growth plans.

What does your day look like? We are taking a guess: As a medical or healthcare professional, your first thoughts when you come into work is possibly:

  1. So, how many patients are on my calendar?
  2. How am I going to deal with staff not showing up and now attending to patients?
  3. My accounts receivable levels are just enormous, I need to work on this!
  4. I am in surgery all day! Who is going to find me new patients for tomorrow and the day after?

Feeling overwhelmed? Lets get to your drawing board:

  1. How many more patients can you take on a day?
  2. It has gone from eNothing to eEverything. Are you visible online?
  3. Is your website presentable?

How do you grow?

Get to the bottom of what patient type really matters for your healthcare or medical facility. Get to the core of what patient type is profitable, what really matters to the bottom line of profit centers. Why is this important?

  1. It creates efficiencies when it comes to how and where you invest your marketing dollars.
  2. It empowers your marketing campaigns to get laser focused and targeted.
  3. The meaning of ROI or Return on Investment becomes measurable to a profit model.

Find out how to get more focused and strategic with our Chief Marketing Officers who are experienced in a financially driven model applying SEO2Sales as your foundation to growth.

If you are familiar with patient pop – well we are different. We offer a boutique service that personalizes your marketing plans and connects the right patient who contributes to your bottom line.

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