by Karl Pontau 11 Mar 2021

(Note: We recommend the companion to this post located at Squash and Stretch Productions)

With telemedicine having grown over the past year, it’s now more important than ever for doctors to be able to remotely explain both conditions and procedures to patients. Animations provide a high-tech solution by providing answers in a friendly, confident, and visually appealing manner. With unlimited potential for visual design animations can convey these ideas in a way that won’t turn a viewer off by feeling too highly technical. Because animations can be custom-tailored to match established branding guidelines a high-quality animation adds to your overall brand recognition.

Animation as FAQ

Are there any extremely common questions that you find yourself explaining over and over again? Educational animations offer the prospect of saving time by providing answers to those questions in a succinct form.

Animations provide a non-traditional method of answering questions and there’s the added benefit of the simple fact that you can play them as many times as you get asked a question. For many doctors, there is a level of basic information you want to provide to patients or potential patients who are trying to do their research as it relates to their body or potential condition. By adding some explanatory animations to your website you are providing answers that are more digestible, engaging, and memorable. Additionally, viewers are more likely to repeatedly visit your website because you are providing the information in a more tangible manner. This simple method builds trust with your clients before they even ever meet you.

While animations aren’t the solution for every frequently asked question they can be a useful tool in conveying basic details around topics such as weight loss, blood pressure, cholesterol, the flu, or even curing the hiccups.

Easing & Educating Patients Before Procedures

Procedures can understandably be nerve-wracking for patients. This is in part because individuals preparing for procedures often imagine things as being much worse than they really are. For this reason, it is often the anticipation of pain or discomfort that causes the most problems for patients about to undergo a procedure. An accurate and clear visual representation can go a long way to ease the potential horror film playing over and over again in a patient’s imagination.

Even when it comes to the most extreme procedures, an animation that shows setting a bone, testing for allergies, or getting an appendectomy can provide enough reality so as to inform the patient’s understanding without the blood or visceral detail. In this case, an animation allows a practice to convey these concepts without the overhead of hiring actors, additional medical professionals, or expensive camera equipment.

Improve Understanding and Retention

As previously mentioned, an animation’s biggest strong suit is that it tells a story. A number of studies have shown how stories increase a person’s ability to understand and retain what they learn. In a field as complex as medicine, any tool that boosts a patient’s understanding of your practice and increases retention is a good tool to have.

As practical as animations can be in a medical setting they provide an opportunity to add creativity toa subject not everyone may find engaging. They also act as a reflection of the personality and brand of the office, something which may be hard to convey through other mediums.

At My Healthcare Marketing, we encourage all of our medical clients to include animations in their marketing due in part to how well they showcase your authentic values and vision. We also suggest reading the companion post to this one at Squash and Stretch Productions

How Animations Can Simply Help Doctors | Medical Animations For Marketing
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How Animations Can Simply Help Doctors | Medical Animations For Marketing
My Healthcare Marketing helps connect doctors with patients. One unique way of doing so may be an animation or explainer video. Read more to find out why.
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