by Hema Dey 20 Apr 2021

There are some aspects of marketing that are fairly universal across industries – you should be focusing on gaining the attention of and providing content for your desired audience so that in turn you will receive an ROI for those efforts. Strategies for successful marketing for healthcare companies and medical practices are unlike those of any other industry. The challenges faced in healthcare marketing are unique to this industry and understanding those idiosyncrasies is critical to designing a successful and comprehensive marketing strategy. At My Healthcare Marketing, [a healthcare digital marketing agency] our online marketing and SEO2Sales strategies are useful tools targeted to the specific needs of companies in the healthcare industry to continue your company’s growth and increased scalability.  

Targeting The Right Patients

Targeting in marketing is a strategy that breaks a large market into smaller segments to concentrate on a specific group of customers within that audience. Instead of trying to reach an entire market, a brand uses target marketing to put its energy into connecting with a specific, defined group within that market. As such, targeting forms a particularly crucial component of marketing strategies.

Unfortunately, targeting is a particularly difficult component of healthcare marketing. Due to privacy concerns, some platforms even prohibit marketing ads to brands in healthcare. Thus, a successful healthcare marketing strategy might need to rely on more creativity and sophisticated messaging to attract the right patients or clients.

Healthcare Marketing Agency - HIPAA compliance

Patient Privacy

When working with or in the field of healthcare, it’s imperative to have an understanding of HIPAA and all of its rules and policies. Since HIPAA compliance deals primarily with how organizations access, share and dispose of protected healthcare information, healthcare marketers will encounter these requirements and must abide by them when creating their campaigns and communications. A major goal of the Privacy Rule is to assure that individuals’ health information is properly protected while allowing the flow of health information needed to provide and promote high-quality healthcare and to protect the public’s health and well-being.

Medical Marketing Tools

Most popular marketing technology solutions aren’t HIPAA compliant, which means there are far more custom marketing tools developed specifically for healthcare marketers than other industries. Healthcare marketing tools need to be built in a way that keeps patient information private and all data compliant with HIPAA regulations. As there are so many customizable tools available, it can be difficult to pick the one that is ideally suited for your business’s day-to-day needs, such as integrating physician calendars, as well as for successful, comprehensive marketing strategies.

Key Performance Indicators

Key performance indicators help a business decide whether or not the resources and energy they’re devoting towards marketing are paying off. When patient growth is the goal, key performance indicators (KPI) will give an indication of new appointments and revenue growth. For example, leads by type is a critical KPI for businesses in the healthcare industry. Leads by type will distinguish new clients that come from phone calls vs. website forms vs. content downloads, etc. Similarly, it is worth considering how much each of those leads costs, especially when it comes to paid marketing efforts.

Patient Insurance and Payment

Insurance is often complex and confusing. Reimbursements can vary tremendously from patient to patient, so calculating how much revenue is being provided by each lead attracted through marketing strategies, can be incredibly time-consuming. A successful healthcare marketing campaign will consider which plans are in-network with the physician and which are not, as well as which treatments are covered, and which are not. The conditions and treatments targeted by the marketing will influence messaging techniques.

My Healthcare Marketing is excited to work with you to find the right strategy that fits not only the specificities of the healthcare industry but the unique characteristics of your business in particular. Our team is prepared to help navigate the complexities of healthcare marketing, easing the challenges your business faces. Contact us here now to book your complimentary consultation.

Marketing Challenges in the Healthcare Industry
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Marketing Challenges in the Healthcare Industry
Are you having trouble connecting to potential patients and providing content for your desired audience? We can work with you to find the right strategy that fits the unique characteristics of your medical practice.
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