by Hema Dey 14 Feb 2023

In 2023, healthcare marketing is as complex as ever for doctors and institutions. Here at My Healthcare Marketing, we are dedicated to connecting doctors and medical facilities with their optimal patients. We know that it can be absolutely exhausting working in the medical field and trying to promote your business, in addition to following new marketing trends, and you shouldn’t have to do it all!


The world of healthcare marketing is always changing, shifting with every new technological advancement. Your patients are not just people in need of healthcare – they’re also consumers, and it can be difficult to know how to reach your target audience. In 2023, trends are showing that patients are desiring more information, better cost-effective options, and a higher degree of choice in their medical interactions, and this requires your healthcare organization to show each potential client how you could provide these assets better than another medical institution.


Building trust with clients and strengthening marketing strategies are more important than ever for success in healthcare in 2023. Telehealth has taken off since the start of the pandemic and now is here to stay as an integral part of healthcare offerings. Clients are especially looking for telehealth options for what they consider to be non-urgent medical issues, turning to medical providers that offer these services over in-person-only practices.


SEO has also evolved, requiring informative content to bring in curious patients researching their health problems in 2023. More and more, patients are looking to the internet to self-diagnose their medical issues, and doctors can cash in on this trend by providing informative website content. Additionally, user experience has become increasingly important, as more and more clients are desiring services such as SMS messaging, phone calls, online chat options, and email. Hosting these options on your website provides more opportunities for quick and easy patient connection, helping more clients get the proverbial foot in the door.


Adding another layer of complications, 2023 trends are showing that clients like to feel that the practice-to-patient interaction is a personal and approachable experience, such as one may find at a small practice, regardless of the size of the medical institution. No one enjoys feeling like just another number, and clients trend toward practices that make them feel unique and individually cared for.


Social proof and social media have risen exponentially in importance over the last year as more and more clients measure the success of a practice or doctor based on their online reputation. Shared stories of experiences at medical institutions are most widely spread via the internet, and testimonials can go a long way in making an impact on your practice’s patient numbers. Social media also provides a way for your practice to be relatable and approachable for the average client.


All of these new developments in 2023 require even more from the marketing efforts of healthcare providers, without sacrificing even a drop of authenticity or personalization throughout patient-to-provider interaction–an incredible feat often too draining for any doctor or practice to take on alone. We tackle these hurdles at My Healthcare Marketing by creating patient growth through strategic consulting and using ADA-compliant websites with top-tier website design and development. Specializing in healthcare SEO and local SEO for doctors, we ensure that your practice is easily findable on social media and through email marketing.

Take advantage of this new expansion in marketing by utilizing our everyday executive services and trusting our expertise in branding, rebranding, and knowing how to make the most of your press releases. Messaging and SMS marketing are also powerful tools that we wield confidently, helping grow your practice sustainably and ethically. We help your patients find you online, using SEO2Sales™ to help you focus on what you do best. By helping your medical practice become visible on Google and social media, we enable people in need to find you quickly and understand your areas of expertise, even helping you receive referrals from other doctors who don’t specialize in what you do.


The best thing that you can do for your practice is to harness these new 2023 marketing trends by working with a company like My Healthcare Marketing. Through our integrity-based model focusing on profit-driven patient growth, we can give your practice greater visibility, providing you with a reliable, trusted marketing specialist to grow your practice through meaningful online experiences for your prospective patients so you can focus on what matters. Since we are a HIPAA-compliant marketing agency, you can trust us to get closer to your patients, providing experience in overall growth, the patient journey, and lead generation. Doctors choose us again and again because we harbor no hidden agendas, are committed to full transparency, and are passionate about sustainable growth.

If you’re wondering why your marketing is under the weather or simply know that you could be doing more with your online presence in 2023, we would love to support you. If you’d like to see better results from your SEO, receive better online reviews, and experience growth from your social media marketing, we know exactly how to help you. We offer a complimentary consultation with our award-winning Chief Marketing Officer to help us understand your particular needs and flesh out how we can assist you. Together, we will create a plan to help you connect with the patients that need you, growing your practice authentically, one connection at a time. Let’s make 2023 your year for patient growth.

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